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Jamie Anderson, CEO of Emergent Software
04th May, 2021
Be Everything to Everyone!

Be bigger - it’s better! Keep expanding and growing to reach a large number of clients. Growth = increased revenue = increased happiness. But how do you do that? Be everything to everyone!

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Garrett Ross, Co-founder of Mobelux
28th April, 2021
Fallacies of Talent & Processes

Have you ever hired a person based on their perceived talent and been disappointed? Or developed a fantastic process that worked great, but later had to be adjusted? That’s because both talent and processes are overrated, according to Garrett Ross, Co-founder of Mobelux, a leading software design & development agency that offers services including UX, Design, Development and Strategy. Not only does he refer to psychologist Anders Ericsson’s book Peak, he has also discovered this through experience from agency growth.

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Mark Rickmeier,, Founder of Table XI
15th April, 2021
The Evolution of Time & Space

When was the last time you took a break for yourself while you were at work? YES!

During your work day, or even afterhours if you’re a workaholic. It sounds crazy, right? But, it’s not. Consider this: when you spend your day constantly busy, what time do you have to process or implement the actions you’re supposed to take on? Mark Rickmeier, CEO of Table XI, brought this to light during our podcast by referencing how Warren Buffett and Bill Gates spend their time differently.

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Pete Baumgartner, Founder of Lincoln Loop
15th April, 2021
Building a Global Presence From a Small Town Beginning

Can you imagine starting an agency without all the “right connections?” That’s the myth Pete Baumgartner smashed in the most recent Agencies That Build episode when he said, “You don’t need a deep connection of people to be all plugged in to a network in order to start an agency.” The network he’s referring to are the top tier connections you want (Silicon Valley) to drive your business, but the network he highly values are the prospective clients and the people who will refer him to those clients.

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Josh Eaton, CEO of Reaktiv Studios
29th January, 2021
Remote Work

Launch day excitement shouldn’t subside as you continue to expand. There are so many questions, worries, and anxiety that come along the way, but in order to avoid that so that you can enjoy the launch is through systematic checklists that detail all the actions needed to pull analytics and continue your client’s growth. In order to get to this high point, you not only need to know every aspect encompassing the technical scope of the project, you also need the knowledge gained through paid discovery and having the right team that can handle the assignment.

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