Migration Support On-Demand. No Minimum Contract Term. Pay As You Go.

It's not a one-person job to migrate a website; it takes a full squad. TogetherWeShip offers a unified package of migration support specialists, featuring senior WordPress Developers, Designers, Content Creators, and QA Analysts. Delegate migration support to us at competitive offshore rates and skip hunting diverse job profiles, either freelance or in-house.


Pay only if you love our work

100+ agencies trust us as their support specialists. 

How much do we charge you?

Our fair billing practices mean invoices are generated only after YOU approve the timesheet. Additional costs? Only approved change requests.
Page RangeTurnaround TimePricing ($)
1-1015 minutes$16.67
11-502 Hours$83.33
51-1003 hours$166.67
101-5005 days$833.33

How can we help you?

In so many ways. But here’s to name a few.

Template Layout

We’ll ensure flexibility in content arrangement, even with the most rigid templates.

Design & Theme

We'll adapt your unique brand style to every WordPress theme, ensuring consistency.

Plugin & Setup

We'll evaluate and integrate the best plugins, ensuring your site stays agile and user-friendly.

SEO & Performance

We'll refine site structure and meta, securing your search rankings and optimizing speed.

Why the whole bunch for one task?

Like we said, web migration is not a one person job. It needs a whole bunch to oversee tasks like design, content, development, and QA functions.

WordPress Developers

Lay the technical groundwork, ensuring the new site is robust and functional.


Infuse modern aesthetics, ensuring the site looks visually appealing and aligns with your brand.

Content Creators

Adapt and refine content to fit new templates, ensuring messaging remains sharp and relevant.

QA Analysts

Meticulously test every element, ensuring a seamless user experience and flawless functionality.

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