Our engagement model

No matter what your agency’s goals are, Together can provide the flexibility your team needs to accommodate fluctuating capacity and provide the support and collaboration to help the business scale and deliver excellent customer satisfaction.

Engagement model options

On-demand needs

A project just came in for your agency and the bandwidth for execution requires more than your workforce can handle or the project may require some specialized technical expertise that is not in your team’s wheelhouse. Together can provide the resources your agency needs to do the heavy lifting and deliver a highly quality product. The On-demand project engagement provides your business the flexibility to describe the project and then receive a customized estimate of hours for planning and execution. All engagements come with a Project Manager to coordinate communication between your agency and Together experts, ensuring that your project is completed on time, to the highest caliber. Read icons dropdowns

Monthly subscription

Your agency has a vision to scale, but does not have the capacity to expand client portfolios, dedicate the time to build customer relationships, and market and sell to drive more business, because the time is filled with project execution for the clients you currently have. Together can become an extension of your agency allowing your team to focus on growing the business. The Monthly Subscription engagement allows your agency to purchase a set number of hours each month and then allocate them towards your different needs. It could be multiple projects or just one complex project. All engagements include a Project Manager and Quality Assurance testing, making sure your agency has a partner they can rely on to deliver the best product for ultimate client satisfaction.Read icons dropdowns

Staff augmentation

Your agency is faced with a decision of whether or not to hire for a full-time position. Project needs are increasing and there is a gap in your workforce, however, you hesitate because of the overhead costs that incur alongside an uncertain market that can drastically change demand. Together can provide a dedicated team member for your agency without the overhead costs. The Staff Augmentation engagement gives your agency the ability to hire one of our in-house experts as a dedicated member of your team for 40 hours a week. Ensuring that your on-going projects have a committed resource that is familiar with your business processes and has the domain knowledge to bring to each project. In addition, a Project Manager oversees communication for a seamless experience.Read icons dropdowns

Hybrid team model

To provide the ability to scale, your agency needs more than one type of dedicated team member to hire. You are considering one full-time individual, but know that you also need two more part-time individuals all with different specialized skills to fulfill varying project needs. Together gives your agency the option to hire a hybrid team choosing from our large pool of in-house experts to address the diversified skill set your projects require. The Hybrid Team engagement ensures flexibility, allowing your agency to choose different types of resources for a fixed number of hours every week. If you need a full-time web developer, someone working in quality assurance part-time, and then a part-time server admin, our team can dedicate multiple experts each with a specific skill set that are committed to the success of your agency. The Together resources will work as your development team on a fixed fee engagement, providing your agency the flexibility to prioritize the work being executed. If capacity needs to scale up or down, this model gives your agency the option to add additional team members as resources to accomplish the projects at hand. Read icons dropdowns

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