Our process

Together partners with your agency to strategize, plan, and execute for exceptional client satisfaction. Our team works as an extension of your agency to help scale processes, and maximize bandwidth, so you can focus on building client relationships and expanding their portfolios. Our process involves communication every step of the way, close attention to detail, and the best technical and strategic expertise for the project.

What you can expect

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    Project management

    Every project is assigned a single point of contact, a Project Manager to listen and understand the agency’s business needs and project. The PM will ensure a timely completion while managing the Together resources, and defining the tasks to be executed using a PM tool such as Asana, so that your team can focus on growing their business.

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    Agile & flexible process

    Upon project kick-off, a roadmap is scoped and initial sprints are defined to ensure that your agency has a clear understanding of project progression. As your agency capacity fluctuates, our team adjusts to your needs ensuring for a flexible experience.

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    Together operates as an extension of your agency’s team, meaning that the ability to communicate seamlessly is imperative. Our team utilizes communication platforms, such as Slack, to be in contact in between check-in meetings to provide a responsive experience and clear understanding between your agency and our team.

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    Quality assurance

    It is of the utmost importance to our team that your agency’s client has the best product or service possible. Throughout project execution, Together conducts quality assurance testing and communicates progress, so that your agency can be confident that your client is receiving the best value for their business and a product with the highest standard of performance.

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    Dedicated experts

    Together has a large workforce of in-house technical and strategic experts to work alongside your agency. You need to be confident that the project team understands the business and has the domain knowledge. We can dedicate a team of specific resources just for your agency according to your needs creating a consistent experience to achieve success.

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