June 10, 2024

4 types of offshore vendors you should never partner with!

Is it time to sign the contract with your offshore partner?

Wait before you ink that deal.

You mustn’t ignore some factors during offshore vendor selection because choosing the right vendor is one of the most critical decisions for every digital agency owner. One single mistake and you could find yourself losing all your trust in offshore vendors, which otherwise can be pivotal to scaling your operations and reaping the cost-saving benefits of offshore outsourcing.

But with so many elements to take care of…

How can you ensure you are not partnering with the wrong one? 

How can you verify their promises translate into real value for your agency and clients?

How can you verify their service quality aligns with your agency’s standards?

Well, we’re here to assure you that with the right approach to offshore vendor selection, it is not only possible but entirely manageable!

So, let’s dive in and see…

What to look for when choosing the right offshore vendor for digital agencies

1. Offshore Development Team Red Flag: Vendors who do not give you adequate clarity into project progress

Why communication in offshore outsourcing matters:

Imagine launching a project with your offshore outsourcing team and not hearing from them for days. Stressful, right? That’s why solid communication is non-negotiable. It aligns teams, clarifies goals, and prevents mishaps. The trick is to spot a potentially non-communicative vendor early—before you’re contractually tied down.

Watch Out for These Signs:

  • Are they taking too long to reply? If responses to your initial emails or calls take forever, that’s a red flag. Prompt replies are the first sign of a communicative partner.
  • How clear are they in their answers? If you find yourself scratching your head over their responses, beware. You need clear, concise answers, especially when you’re about to rely on them for major projects.
  • Do they dodge the details? Take note if they avoid diving into specifics when discussing project scopes or deadlines. A great partner will want to get into the nitty-gritty with you.

2. Offshore Development Team Red Flag: Vendors who won’t be flexible with your needs

Why Flexibility Matters:

Your digital projects won’t always stick to a script, nor should your offshore vendor’s capabilities. Imagine needing a critical update outside normal business hours or a contract adjustment to accommodate unexpected changes. Flexibility in time zones and contract terms isn’t just convenient; it’s essential for maintaining a smooth workflow and ensuring client satisfaction, especially when dealing with project scope management with offshore vendors.

Watch Out for These Signs:

  • Are their working hours too rigid? If a vendor can only work strictly within local business hours with no room for overlap, how will they handle urgent requests outside these times?
  • How strict are their contract terms? Is there zero room for adjustments? Projects evolve, and if your vendor’s contract is set in stone, you could find yourself stuck in an agreement that no longer serves your needs.
  • Do they resist discussing flexible arrangements? If they show reluctance to include flexible clauses when negotiating terms, this might indicate future inflexibility in project management.

3. Offshore Development Team Red Flag: Vendors with under-qualified teams

Why Expertise Matters:

Kicking off a major project only to discover that the team handling it doesn’t have the necessary experience can be risky. Slower progress, lower quality outputs, and potentially, a failed project. It’s crucial to ensure that the digital agency outsourcing team you’re entrusting with your work has the seasoned expertise required to deliver competently and excellently.

Watch Out for These Signs:

  • How seasoned are their teams? During discussions, ask about the team members who will be working on your projects: their expertise, years of experience, and designation. If a vendor hesitates to provide details about their team’s experience or if their teams lack senior resources, consider it a warning.
  • What’s their track record? Look for evidence of past successful projects similar to yours. A lack of relevant experience or successful case studies can indicate that the vendor’s team might not be up to the task.
  • Are they upfront about their capabilities? A reliable vendor should be transparent about what their team can and can’t do. Watch out for any vendor who overpromises or seems unsure about specific technical requirements.

4-  Offshore Development Team Red Flag: Vendors who can inflate costs

Navigating the financial aspects of offshore partnerships requires clarity and upfront agreement to prevent budget blowouts and strained relations. Understanding offshoring risks and challenges is crucial in this process. A vendor’s approach to disclosing costs can tell you a lot about their transparency and integrity, which are crucial qualities in any long-term business relationship.

Watch Out for These Signs:

  • Are initial costs clearly discussed? When you’re in the preliminary talks, does the vendor clearly outline any onboarding fees? A trustworthy vendor should disclose all costs upfront, including any potential onboarding charges.
  • How detailed is their initial quote? Examine the first quote provided. Is it comprehensive and itemized? Vendors should offer an initial quote that transparently breaks down all the costs associated with your project.
  • What do they say about additional costs? During your discussions, listen carefully to how they mention handling scope changes or unexpected needs. Are there established protocols for approving additional costs? This can prevent surprises later on.

How to Master Offshore Vendor Selection: A Checklist to Avoid Partnering with the Wrong Offshore Vendor

  • Evaluate their response times during initial communication.
  • Ensure clarity and detail in their answers to your questions.
  • Confirm their willingness to discuss specific project details.
  • Check for flexibility in their working hours to match your needs.
  • Look for adaptable contract terms without rigid conditions.
  • Verify the experience and qualifications of their team members.
  • Review their track record and ask for case studies.
  • Ensure they invest in continuous training for their team.
  • Insist on a detailed, transparent quote with no hidden costs.
  • Make sure there are no unexpected onboarding fees.
  • Ensure any additional charges require your prior approval.
  • Seek references and reviews from their previous clients.
  • Assess their cultural fit and alignment with your business values.
  • Verify their technical capabilities and infrastructure.
  • Ask for examples demonstrating their technical expertise.

Not sure where to find such a partner during your vendor selection process?

At TogetherWeShip, we firmly believe in practicing what we preach. Our proven processes have successfully assisted over 200 agencies and counting. We’ve refined our consulting approach through hands-on experience with 100+ clients, making it a tried and tested method.

Scaling your business with offshore vendors has never been easier. Our expertise in this area ensures you get the best talent without the hassle. We handle the complexities so you can focus on growth and innovation.

  • Quick, easy, and no-cost onboarding
  • Senior resources with 5+ years of experience
  • No invoices without timesheet approval
  • Timezone flexibility
  • Weekly meetings with project managers
  • No minimum contract term
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