Agency Health Assessment

1I have felt that my agency's profitability or project budgets have been consistently compromised due to inflated bills from offshore vendors.
2I find myself frequently questioning the authenticity and fairness of charges in invoices from offshore vendors due to past experiences with inflated billing.
3It's disheartening to miss growth opportunities due to the lack of reliable resources in my team that restricts us to limited clients and projects.
4 I often find myself prioritizing certain projects or clients over others due to limited capacity, potentially impacting client relationships and the agency's reputation.
5I strongly feel that adding a few more reliable senior resources (TL or PM) in my team can help me increase revenue significantly.
6I am afraid that a significant portion of my team's capacity is occupied with maintenance tasks, preventing us from focusing on growth opportunities instead.
7Collaborating with freelancers is frustrating as it often puts an unnecessary burden on my in-house team.
8I wish for a vendor who could supply on-demand resources without long-term commitments.
9I am reluctant to enter long-term contracts with offshore vendors due to an uncertain sales funnel.
10I find it challenging to work with vendors because their lack of project updates often put me in difficult situations with my clients.
11My team is always complaining mode when it comes to getting regular project updates from offshore teams.
12It's worrying to witness project delays and operational issues stemming from constant revisions caused by skill deficiencies in my team.

13It’s frustrating to find reliable, senior and experienced resources with diverse skill sets on demand for sudden work surges.

14I wish I had access to a flexible resource pool available on demand, it would save me the hassle of scaling my team up and down during an unpredictable workload.
15I am afraid of scaling up with high-cost resources due to market volatility/unpredictable workload.