October 31, 2023

Website maintenance projects can sabotage an agency’s profits

In a world where time is money, agency owners are spending an average of 20 hours per week on website maintenance for their clients. That’s over 1,000 hours a year. This substantial commitment of time to website maintenance comes at a cost, potentially resulting in a loss of around 15% in annual revenue growth. That’s a slice of the agency’s profits, just gone.

We have been in conversation with over 40+ agency owners throughout our podcast “Agencies That Build” to understand how they work, how they scale, the problems they’re facing, etc. The interactions have led us to uncover an alarming stat. More than 40% of an agency’s work hours are often consumed by website maintenance. That’s not productive. 

Not only does it take a serious toll on an agency’s profit margin by limiting the agency to do more revenue-generating work, hence limiting the agency’s potential for success. It’s also causing the valuable resources to burn out due to the grunt work of repetitive maintenance tasks. This is more than a drain on resources. It’s a drain on motivation, on morale. It’s a huge problem a lot of agencies don’t realize is costing them heavily. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In this blog, we delve into the pressing concerns that agencies face in managing website maintenance and supporthttps://togetherweship.com/maintenance-support/ for their clients. We will explore the strategy that empowers agencies to overcome these hurdles and optimize their operations.

Key Website Maintenance Challenges for Client-Centric Agencies
01-  Opportunity Costs

When agencies prioritize website maintenance and support tasks, it hinders their focus on revenue generation, limiting their potential for success. This trade-off reduces resources available for growth opportunities and new projects, hindering profitability and expansion. Additionally, the time-consuming nature of website updates diverts personnel and expertise from core activities, impacting the agency’s ability to meet client demands and affecting client satisfaction and overall performance.

02- Demotivated Employees

The repetitive nature of maintenance work can lead to a lack of motivation and decreased productivity among team members. The continuous focus on routine tasks without variety or new challenges can contribute to a sense of stagnation and reduced enthusiasm. Employee demotivation in website maintenance and support can manifest in various ways, including:

03- Resource Limitation

When an agency lacks sufficient manpower, each team member must juggle multiple tasks. Balancing the demands of several clients with limited resources can stretch an agency thin, potentially resulting in missed deadlines, slow turnaround times, compromised quality or subpar work. Consequently, resource limitations can lead to dissatisfaction and strained relationships with clients, potentially jeopardizing the agency’s reputation and agency growth.

Limited Resources Inefficient Maintenance Processes →Prolonged Website Downtimes →Unsatisfied Clients

04- Risk Factors

Agencies face various risk factors that can significantly impact their success and client satisfaction. Failing to address these risks proactively can lead to detrimental consequences that hinder the agency’s reputation, financial stability, and overall growth. These risk factors include:

A Key Strategy for Optimizing Agency Operations in Maintenance Support Tasks For Clients

Streamlining Agency Operations: Tackling Maintenance & Support Obstacles

One solution shines brighter than the rest based on our interactions with agency owners throughout all the seasons of podcasts we have had so far—outsourcing to an offshore partner has helped a majority of them overcome the hurdles mentioned above. Partnering offshore is a game-changer as it tackles all the concerns at just 1/3rd of the cost and helps boost 2X the profit margin by allowing agencies to focus on what they do the best while maintenance-as-a-service specialists take care of their client’s website maintenance tasks. And it’s not just about cutting costs, but about unlocking potential – freeing up agency’s resources to projects. The team, once stuck in a loop of mundane maintenance tasks, can now focus on engaging, rewarding projects, boosting their morale and productivity. No more squandering talent on daily grunt work. Instead, they can work on tasks that truly matter. All in all, outsourcing allows agencies to innovate and scale. 

The Evolving Motivations for Outsourcing: A Comparative Analysis (2021 vs 2022)

As the dynamics of business evolve, so do the reasons for outsourcing. A recent survey exploring the motivations behind outsourcing reveals a fascinating shift from one year to the next. While cost reduction remains a primary factor, the emphasis on accessing service expertise and improving performance has increased. Furthermore, the need for staff reduction has more than doubled, highlighting the role of outsourcing in optimizing team structures.

Your Agency’s Guide to Outsourced Maintenance Tasks

Discover the extensive range of website maintenance support tasks that can be outsourced, paving the way for your agency to focus on client engagement and growth.

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